NASA Becomes the Star of Social Media!

by Nicole Branigan on August 12, 2010 · 0 comments

How NASA is using social media to educateNASA Explores Social Media and engage

I’m an avid lover of all things space related. Planets, stars, even aliens intrigue and interest me, so you can imagine how excited I was when I learned NASA is combining my two favorite loves: meteor showers AND social media!

WARNING: Blackbird is about to NERD OUT y’all

For those of you with day jobs and interesting lives, once a year the Earth passes through a “cloud” of debris from the comet, Swift-Tuttle (best name ever) and the result is one of the best visible meteor showers. This year, the shower will be most visible tonight and tomorrow night (August 12-13).

How cool is this?! NASA is offering multiple ways for Internet users across the globe to learn more about this week’s Persied meteor shower. First, NASA is offering a live web chat with noted astronomer, Bill Cooke. Cooke will answer your questions about the Perseid meteor shower before the big show tonight. The web chat begins at 3pm Eastern Time.

NASA is REALLY plucking my nerd strings with this next bit. On their website, NASA is showcasing a streaming video of the AUDIO sounds of meteors. Apparently, METEORS CAN SING! NASA is displaying the audio frequencies of meteors singing. NASA wins the award for best use of digital content today!

It’s easy to get frustrated with social media, as it often seems a perpetual self promotion. But then, Voila! Social media amazes me once again with it’s vigor and ingenuity. Tonight, I will be sitting in a lawn chair, wrapped in a blanket (just kidding it’s hotter than the sun in Tennessee) enjoying the meteor shower, and appreciating and well-rounded experience thanks to NASA and social media.

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