Social Media: Get Real or Get Out

by Nicole Branigan on October 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Social Media Tactics that Don't WorkI recently ran into an interesting situation with a former client. The client had a sizeable following for their social media channels. They weren’t doing anything incredibly creative or out of the box, but they started out with popularity and it was taking them far. All was well, albeit predictable in the social media world. There was a lot of interaction on their Facebook page and they were slowly building a Twitter following. YouTube videos were a hit and miss, but they were trying new things.

The client seemed to do everything right, except for one major mistake: they were constantly changing social media managers and administrators. This seemingly innocuous move cost them a lot of loyal followers and endangered their authenticity.

You see, by constantly changing the administrators of the page, they were unable to connect on a personal level with their followers. Once followers felt connected, and there was consistency with their postings, they would randomly change who managed the page, force a new approach for no feasible reason, and would essentially be starting from square one.

While it’s not necessary to always keep the same tone and type of posts on your social media pages, it is necessary to maintain the loyal following you’ve worked hard to build up. Completely changing direction without warning or reason will damage your following. By forcing authenticity and random changes for no apparent reason, the client was actually damaging their real voice and confusing many followers. Note: I’m encouraging trying something new, but I’m discouraging trying something new for no reason.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it’s working, don’t break it.

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