The Chronic Sharer

by Nicole Branigan on December 20, 2011 · 0 comments

Everyone says Social Media is a unicorn, but maybe it’s just a horse? Jay Baer, Convince & Convert via


Relax, I won’t be a total hater in this post. I love social media – it’s fantastic! I’ve made more connections in my short stint in Nashville with Twitter than I ever would have by going to the park and asking people, “would you like to be my friend?”

The past eight months I’ve taken a giant leap back from offering social media as a service, because I’ve realized I don’t entirely know what that means. Any time I’ve executed social media planning for clients, it didn’t go well and worse – it didn’t feel authentic.

I could have pored over social media texts, webinars, and other forms of education in order to fully understand social media and what it means to “connect,” but I found myself turned off by the process. I realized today why that is.

So many people claim to be “social media experts,” or to “do social media,” and these people may or may not be fantastic at their jobs. Still, many of these people, I’ve realized, are chronic sharers. You know the type. The “come to my social media webinar-meetup-tweetup-mixer-orgy” people. It’s this chronic sharing from every Tom, Dick, and Tweeter that is starting to sound like a bunch of white noise.

Webinars are helpful, and eBooks rock. But as a collective, the social media industry – on a grassroots level – needs to figure out a way to push beyond the distracting and disrupting sharing to create something truly interesting. And until I figure out how to do that, I’m sitting this one out.

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