There Is No “Me” In Marketing Team

by Nicole Branigan on December 2, 2009 · 1 comment

Why it takes more than one to drive a successful marketing strategy Wasted woooo

Okay, I admit. The picture came before the blog post. But can you blame me?! The truth is, I find this picture as inspiring as it is hilarious and ridiculous. It transcends a simple fraternity party photos and becomes more than the sum of it’s part. In fact, it becomes representative of every forcible marketing troop. Let’s delve into the different players in any good marketing team.

The Client

Whether you’re representing yourself, your business or a client you need to understand their marketing needs. If they are a small town business that prides itself on community service, is Facebook best for them? If they are a major corporate entity, will a personal blog be suitable for their online presence? And most importantly, what type of beer do they like?

The Leader/Manager

Every marketing strategy needs a clear and present leader for things to be organized, efficient and effective. Having someone hold your proverbial marketing funnel is an essential part of making sure your marketing tactics are running smoothly. What’s more, this person to handle any minor slip ups, bubbles and other potentially messy mishaps. The most beneficial facet of this team member? They never lack enthusiasm.

The Fans

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You need to give in order to get in the social media marketing universe. Once you’ve given your prospects a voice, and have shown them who you are and the worth of the services you offer, your fans will rewards you in many ways. Showing your Twitter and Facebook fan pages love, spreading the worth of your business by word of mouth, and priceless testimonials are all ways your cheerleading section can return the great service you’ve given them.

Okay maybe it’s a stretch, and maybe this picture simply makes me giggle. However, the notion remains that there are several key players in any robust and competent marketing team. Who are you surrounding yourself with?

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Jimmy O'Meara December 3, 2009 at 1:40 am

and with any business you need to keep at it ’till you pass out!


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