This Halloween Don’t Trick or Treat for Followers

by Nicole Branigan on October 26, 2009 · 1 comment


If you’re Constantly Trick or Treating around your Target Neighborhood, Revamp your Internet Marketing Strategy

Ah, trick or treating. As a candy lover and avid free loader, I can’t help but reminisce on days passed dressing up in costume and parading through my small town hoping to fill my pillowcase with Dots and Snickers (hold the apples, not interested in rounding out the Food Pyramid.) This Halloween, I won’t be trick or treating for followers on my blog, and am striving to be the welcoming porch light in my neighborhood where kids (and adults, and senior citizens, and anyone who can read) visit my blog because of the goodies I offer.

Now, I know it’s not easy going door to door begging for links, followers on Twitter, or hits on your website/blog, it certainly takes courage. But think about the long term effects of this approach to Internet marketing. Rather than allowing people to organically discover the great information and services you offer, you’re simply another voice on the web, bombarding users with requests and useless information.

If you find yourself coming down with a case of the “Gimmes” and are constantly requesting links, follows, and comments on your blog – take time to reassess your Internet marketing strategy. If the information, products and services you provide are of good use to the general public (or your niche market) then put your information out there, share it well and share it consistently. Allow your target audience to come trick or treating to your door and when they do, be ready with goodies and rewards people actually WANT. In other words, if you’re handing out granola clusters to a pack of 8 year olds, don’t expect them to be knocking on your door next year.

This year, don’t trick or treat for followers. Leave your porch light on and a heaping bowl of candy out. Watch the trick or treaters come to you.

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