W Tweet F?

by Nicole Branigan on July 7, 2010 · 0 comments

I received the most interesting direct message on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and I W Tweet F?

simply had to share it. For those of you not familiar with Twitter (I understand there is still some resistance) here is a crash course:

-140 characters or less (duh)
-You can “@ mention” someone via tweet and link to their twitter profile publically or you can:
-Direct Message a twitter user to send a private message.

It is considered polite, when someone starts to follow you on Twitter, to thank them in a direct message. I usually follow the Twitter user in return, unless they are only tweeting quotes from the Bible or talking about how I need to juice more.

Now, I had begun following a woman on Twitter, whom I found through another user. I began following her because she lives in Nashville, as I do. I try to follow as many “local” users as I can to gain insight as to the area in which I live on a more personal level, and to hopefully build relationships as I build my business.

After I began following said user, I received a Direct Message from her stating:

“Thank you for following me, I am following you in return.”

Well, thanks…I guess. But really, what is the underlying message behind..this message? To me, it says this user isn’t following me in order to connect, even though connecting with others is the reason I use Twitter. It’s clear this user doesn’t care what I have to say or when I say it, they merely want to raise that magic little number next to the word “followers” on their profile.

So I ask you, what do you use Twitter for? Is Twitter nothing more than direct marketing, or, gasp, a popularity contest?! I will continue to use Twitter for the personal connection, and to hopefully gain professional leads, but I fear for users like the above, who boldly take the social out of social media.

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