Why you Should Blog: Reason #4,987,472

by Nicole Branigan on April 6, 2011 · 0 comments

Blogging for Social MediaI talk to clients about the benefits of blogging, and try to sell them on a few major points. Lately, one of the most clear and beneficial ways I’ve found blogging can aid in your overall social media goals is simple: If you’re not creating your own content, what are you talking about?

I run into this issue a lot in many of my projects. So many social media aficionados discuss the importance of the retweet, and why you should promote the content of other like-minded people in and outside of your industry. Yes, this is important and yes, you should be doing it. But it also begs the question: What are you doing to promote yourself?

If you’re not creating your own content, you have nothing to drive traffic from your Twitter or Facebook account to your website, and that makes it increasingly difficult to turn website viewers into ongoing customers. The bottom line, and most definitive way to sell blogging to your clients is to help them understand that blogging gives you something to talk about, and turns website traffic into tangible leads.

There are so many reasons to blog and to spread your message and your voice to your target audience. Understanding even the very basics of these reasons will put you on the social media map. We’ll be exploring other reasons in upcoming posts. In the meantime, discuss what you feel are the most important reasons to blog in the comment section below!

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