Ads I wish I Wrote – Part I

by Nicole Branigan on December 9, 2013 · 0 comments

It must happen to everyone. Musicians hear a song and think, “I wish I wrote that!” Artists see a painting or sculpture and think, “I should have created that!” As a copywriter, I always see advertisements, web content and taglines and think, “JEEZ! I wish I wrote that!” Here is an example: (click image to expand)

Don’t you love this Lego ad from 1981? It’s succinct and doesn’t talk to you like you’re an idiot. It makes a point without making the point. The point that Legos are for everyone. It also captures a moment in words and pictures that is often indescribable. The moment when your child builds something and they are so proud of it and you’re so blown away you think the world could explode. That. They did that. This little red-headed beauty with her smirk did that. The line, “What it is is beautiful,” did that.

I don’t want to get all Don Draper on you, but a good ad makes you recognize a product and see the value in it. A great ad does that, but also makes you feel something typically indescribable, and does so with a beautiful and eye-catching combination of words and images. This ad does that. And I wish I wrote it.


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