Embracing your Inner Martian

by Nicole Branigan on February 7, 2011 · 0 comments


AlienI love them! I love to think about them, and wonder what they think about and think about them thinking about me. No really, extraterrestrial life has always fascinated me, and I enjoy learning about and imagining life on other planets.

How do we embrace our inner martian?

Give your weird side a big hug. Appreciate your zany, “out there” thoughts because they are what make you unique. Out of this world ideas are what make us rare and wonderfully strange individuals. Don’t be afraid to fly that freaky martian flag and show the world you are strange, fascinating, and that you have something to offer.

Those who unabashedly embrace their martian side are almost always my favorite people. Creative types using their minds to increase their revenue, start their own business or lay the foundation for something truly genius.

Here are some of my favorite people that embrace their martian side:

Weird Al Yankovic: No, not because he looks like an alien. Weird Al is not afraid to unleash his own sense of humor. Like it or not, he’s been entertaining (some) people for decades. Recently Weird Al wrote and published his own children’s book.

Michael Jackson: Surrounded by controversy and inexplicable weirdness, you can’t say he ever conformed, and pop music is better off for it.

Aron Ralston – I’m convinced this guy is an alien. A superb, brave, highly spiritual alien. Forced to break and amputate his own arm after being trapped in a cave, Ralston is an amazing daredevil unlike most people in the world, and an inspiring human being.

Who are your favorite martian-minded people? How do you plan to embrace your exceptional traits? How do you tap into your inner martian?

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