Keywords Are For People Too

by Nicole Branigan on November 26, 2012 · 0 comments


Keywords Are For People TooI always kind of knew this, but it just dawned on me in plain English today: keywords are for people too! Of course we implement keywords to make the cyberbots happy (you won’t like a cyberbot when it’s mad), but at the end of the day, users drive the content.

Think about it, all Google wants is to help you find the most pertinent websites for the stuff you are looking for. So if you are googling “Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2” (you’re the one googling this, not me) then Google wants to help you find the websites that actually have this exact information first.* When users visit sites or link to sites that counts as a vote towards that site, proving to Google that this website does, in fact have the most helpful information on that topic.

You want to focus your keywords based on research of what actual people are looking for, not what you think the machine wants to see. If you’re basing your content solely on research and what you think search engines are looking for you are definitely doing it wrong and your content is probably a little boring.

Let’s recap:

  • Do your keyword research.
  • Model your content and keyword placement for people.
  • Be a constant resource for your audience.

Look at you, you’re learning so much.

*I realize Google wants a lot of other things to (like to take over the world).

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